Penzance BID officer settles in at PZ360

Penzance's new BID manager Jess Golding. PZGM20150604B-001_C

The Penzance Business Improvement District (BID) manager Jess Golding has joined PZ360, basing herself at the building with an office in The Workbox on the 4th floor.

Jess has started in her new position and if passion and enthusiasm count for anything she should prove to be a great success.

Long-time Newlyn resident Jess Golding was appointed after spending a year in the same role at St Ives and says she couldn’t have asked for a better start.

Jess is determined to do her bit to revive Penzance’s fortunes as overseer of around £800,000 of investment in the town over the next five years and believes BID has come along at exactly the right time.

Projects like reintroducing hanging baskets, beautifying some of Penzance empty and run down shops with the help of volunteers and making sure the Golowan flags and other flags are up at the railway and bus station are all on the agenda.

Looking ahead, Jess wants to ensure that the people who come to Penzance, stay for longer.

If you would like to contact Jess, e-mail

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