How I spend my afternoons after working at PZ360

Monday After a busy weekend with the kids, after work on Monday I take a little me time. I often grab a takeaway tea and cake from the wonderful Honey Pot cafe just over the road from PZ360 and then take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful sub-tropical Morrab gardens. There is a little spotRead More

Steel Frame Progress

Much of the steel frame and brise soleil is now in place and bolted down with connections ready to take the new roof and windows, which will then allow new staircases to be cut through the existing roof to the fifth floor. Meanwhile work to repair the facades has been completed to take the new

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PZ gets a facelift

After many months of planning and considering the challenges the pandemic has presented, Mount’s Bay Trading pressed the button on £1.5 million facelift and extension of the current building to both create an exciting new image and add rooftop residential accomodation. The main contractor for the works is Brady Construction Services Ltd. of Bodmin, who

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Cornwall : Good for business

We just found this great article from Cornwall Trade and

Investment that we thought we would share with you!

Five surprising benefits of doing business in Cornwall

Learn a little more about how the Government’s Town’s Fund will revitalise

Penzance and neighbouring town of Nelywn. This is really exciting news!

£65M funding for three Cornish towns

Here is the

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Steel frame arrives!

This week following removal of 54 tonnes of concrete parapet the new sixth floor steel frame arrived, courtesy of Macsalvors. The work, which took place over three days required local road closures and some careful manouvering by the crane operators throught the narrow back lanes of Chapel Street.

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54 tonnes of concrete removed from roof

One of the first major tasks in our transformation of PZ360 was to remove the existing concrete roof parapet to allow the new sixth storey to be erected. Brady Construction servivces are working with specialist concrete cutting contractors. They have so far cut up and removed 54 tonnes of material ready for the new steel

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